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over 8 years ago

Bug Fixes

[Edited] Sorry all, we made a mistake when trying to address some launch crashes. We said we would allow a bug fix build re-submission per finalist, but since this cannot be executed fairly, we will not accept additional builds at this point. If you’re a finalist and your build doesn't launch, we’ll get in touch with you and help you resolve it.

As a heads-up, we will soon take down the global signing tool as well.  Sorry for the confusion and concern this update caused.




Several of you have requested the option to fix bugs or crashes in your build and share your latest with the community. So, here's what you can do...

All contestants should now have access to the global signing tool once more:

  • You can post your link to the forums to enlist playtesters and continue iterating with the community.
  • You may also have noticed a “portfolio” version of your page (click the “view latest version” button on your submission to see it). This page is a personal record for your account, and updates to your portfolio version will not update your official submission. You may modify your build link and other materials here to share with the community, though judges will be rating your original submission.

Finalists will be announced the morning of 5/18, and they will be given 24 hours from the time of the announcement to provide a single bug-fix build to us through email that will be updated in their official submission for the final round judging. Stay tuned for the announcement, and if desired, use the time over the next week to test and fix bugs.

Thanks again to you all - it's been awesome to see so much enthusiasm to put your best build forward.

VR Jam Moderators