** Congratulations to the Mobile VR Jam winners!!  Thank you all for the incredible effort poured into this competition; the final entries were all incredible, and we are proud of everyone who dove into the mobile VR platform and made it to the finish.  Stay tuned for details about your exclusive t-shirt if you completed the final milestone. **

Welcome to Oculus’ Mobile VR Jam 2015! It's time to create the best new games, apps, and experiences for the Gear VR Innovator Edition. A total prize pool of over $1,000,000 will be split between two tracks - one for VR games, and the other for VR experiences and apps. In addition, eligible entrants will receive $50 to the Unity Asset Store to fuel their creations.

The Mobile VR Jam is an opportunity to build groundbreaking new experiences in collaboration with other passionate VR pioneers, and win cash prizes for innovative uses of VR-specific interactions and pushing the medium forward.

So fire up your imagination, get your team together, and show the world what you can do!

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Please note that all terms summarized on this page or in the FAQ are for reference only. Please see the official terms of this competition for specific details:


  • 18+ years of age and the age of majority in your place of residence.
  • Location: This is an international contest, but unfortunately we couldn't include everyone due to legal restrictions. For a full list of eligible countries, please check the Contest Terms.
  • Free & Clear: Contestants must not be under conflicting contractual or legal restrictions.


Mobile VR Jam 2015 Details

Dates: April 13, 2015 to May 11, 2015. Winners announced on or around June 4, 2015.

Please note that if you miss any Milestones deadlines or do not submit all required materials, you will be disqualified. For detailed submission requirements, please review the full Contest Terms.

Milestone 1 Submission: The Pitch - Due by 4/20 9:00 am (PT)

  • Initial description of your project
  • Images that show concepts or planning
  • Entrant type selection: Organization, Team, or Individual
  • Track selection: “Game” or “App or Experience”
  • Game Engine selection: Unity, Unreal, or Other/Undecided
  • If entering as a Team, enter all team members' ChallengePost ID's
  • Oculus account email address required for each person
  • (optional) Video embedded from YouTube or Vimeo (5 min max)

Following Milestone 1, we will email the terms of this competition to each individual, organization, or each person on a team. If these terms are not electronically signed within 4 days, you will be disqualified.

Milestone 2 Submission: Screenshots - Due by 4/27 9:00 am (PT)

  • Screenshot(s) of your “Game” or “App or Experience”
  • Updated description and track
  • (optional) Video of current build embedded from YouTube or Vimeo

Milestone 3 Submission: Video - Due by 5/4 9:00 am (PT)

  • Video of current “Game” or “App or Experience” running
  • Updated screenshots, description, and track

Milestone 4 Submission: Final Build - Due by 5/11 9:00 am (PT)

  • Upload your final APK, and post the link to your globally-signed build
  • Updated video, screenshots, description, and track


Unity Asset Store Credit

Following Milestone 1, each eligible entrant (individual, team, or organization) will receive a code worth $50 to redeem at the Unity Asset Store. Requirements to receive the credit include the following:

  • Submit all Milestone 1 materials
  • Select Unity as the game engine you’ll use for this competition
  • Sign the Terms of Service of the competition
  • Enter email used to login to a Gear VR

The store credit may expire after a certain amount of time, and there may be additional restrictions for its use. The email that sends the code will provide further details. More details are also available in the FAQ.


How Judging Works

Mobile VR Jam 2015 will have 2 rounds of judging. First, we'll review videos, images, and descriptions of all the entries to find the most fun and innovative ideas. The top 20% from each track (with a minimum of 30 games and 20 apps or experiences) will go on to the next round, where a panel of judges will play and rate them.

Winners of the Mobile VR Jam 2015 will be announced in early June on the official Oculus Blog and on this webpage.

The judging criteria described in more detail below will be used for the final round of judging.

Hackathon Sponsors


$1,020,000 in prizes

Platinum Game

$200,000 cash

Gold Games (2)

$100,000 cash

Silver Games (4)

$50,000 cash

Bronze Games (10)

$10,000 cash

Community's Choice Game

$10,000 cash

Platinum App or Experience

$100,000 cash

Gold Apps or Experiences (2)

$50,000 cash

Silver Apps or Experiences (2)

$30,000 cash

Bronze Apps or Experiences (4)

$10,000 cash

Community's Choice App or Experience

$10,000 cash

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Palmer Luckey

Palmer Luckey
Founder, Oculus

John Carmack

John Carmack
Chief Technology Officer, Oculus

Robin Hunicke

Robin Hunicke
Co-founder, Funomena and Professor, UC Santa Cruz

Lydia Choy

Lydia Choy
Software Engineer and Technical Artist, Oculus

Brad Herman

Brad Herman
Head of DreamLab, DreamWorks Animation

Caitlyn Meeks-Ferragallo

Caitlyn Meeks-Ferragallo
Co-founder and Manager, Unity Asset Store

Laralyn McWilliams

Laralyn McWilliams
Chief Creative Officer, The Workshop Entertainment

Nick Whiting

Nick Whiting
Lead Programmer, Epic Games

Jeremy Gibson

Jeremy Gibson
Founder, ExNinja Interactive and Lecturer, University of Michigan

Caryl Shaw

Caryl Shaw
Executive Producer, Telltale Games

Judging Criteria

  • Overall VR Experience (Maximum 5 points)
    Games: Fun factor and gameplay. Apps: Usefulness and interaction. Experiences: Engagement and immersion.
  • Innovation in VR Mechanics (Maximum 5 points)
    This refers to how creatively the entry incorporates one or more mechanics in VR, including multi-user interaction, head tracking, touchpad, and/or user interface. We're especially interested in groundbreaking uses of VR mechanics.

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