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over 8 years ago

Submissions End and Community Voting Begins!

The Mobile VR Jam made it to a dramatic end, and what an incredible four weeks it has been! You've all worked tirelessly to transform a pool of ideas into 305 final submissions that look awesome. The judges and community are going to have their hands full over the next few weeks. Congratulations to you all, especially for what you've learned and for what your explorations will teach the rest of the VR community moving forward. 

Community Voting

In about an hour (starting midnight tonight, May 11th), everyone in the community can come to the ChallengePost gallery to check out submissions and vote for their favorites. To participate, please do the following:

  • Create a ChallengePost account and login
  • If you like a submission, click the “vote for this submission” button on its page
  • Each user may vote up to one time per submission (think of it as a “thumbs-up” mechanism)

Community voting ends May 26 at 11:59pm PT, and the submission with the most qualifying votes in each track will win the Community's Choice awards.

Judging - Round 1

A panel of Oculus' developer relations team members are reviewing all of your videos, images, and descriptions carefully this week. Each Round 1 judge will rate a submission on “promise” and “innovation”, and the top 20% in each track will proceed to Round 2 as a finalist. For this competition, 37 “Games” and 24 “Apps or Experiences” will be announced as finalists around May 18th. For more details, check out the official rules.

Judging - Round 2 (the Finalists)

Our 61 finalists will have their builds and other submission materials reviewed by our prestigious panel of 10 finalist judges. For this round, “overall experience” and “innovation” are equally-weighted, and the panel will have until 5/27 to finish judging the finalists.

Announcing the Winners

We'll announce the winners sometime during the week of June 3rd. The top 17 Games and 9 Apps or Experiences will be awarded prizes based on Round 2 Judging, and one Community's Choice prize will be awarded per track.

Stay tuned for updates over the next few weeks, and in the meantime, go check out each others' final submissions and vote for the ones you love the most.

We've said it before, and it's true now more than ever: you are all incredible - thank you for sticking with it to the end.

VR Jam Moderators