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over 8 years ago

[Urgent] Build Link Not Updating in CP Submission

Hello VR Jammers!

It's a late night, you've all been working hard, and for many of you, ChallengePost is not updating your submission's build link to the URL entered in your form. We were unable to resolve this bug by this point in time. Please double-check your submission's page to make sure your latest build link is reflected there.

If you are affected by this issue, here is an additional option to submit your build - email the following to

  • A link to your submission page
  • A link to your latest globally-signed APK

Given the late notice, we will give you up to two hours after the original deadline to send us your build link via this method; emails need to be sent by May 11 11:00am PT.

We will work with ChallengePost to get these links updated on your submission page as soon as possible, though given the manual process, please expect some delay.

Also note - this update does not affect any other competition dates, including public voting.

You are all incredible - so close to done.

Much Love,
VR Jam Moderators