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over 8 years ago

Common Build Challenges

With ~18 hours remaining, we're seeing a few common challenges with getting builds ready to share:

There was an error with signing your APK. Please try again or contact for help.” - an error when you try to sign your build that hits around 80-87%:

  • Issue: large builds (400MB+) and slow-ish internet connections seem to cause a token time-out.
  • Try this:
    1) Refresh the page for the signing tool immediately before starting the upload to generate a fresh token
    2) Upload again with as fast an internet connection as you can find
    3) Profit (hopefully)
    4) If not, try this 2-3 times and usually one will take
    Start trying this asap (and not right before the deadline). It's better to submit an imperfect build than none at all.

Your build crashes / returns to Oculus Home immediately on launch if you remove the Osig file before submitting for global signature.

  • Issue: Old versions of the SDK enabled the entitlement check by default, which causes a crash when side-loading the build. This will be a problem for all judges and the community.
  • Try this - either:
    1) Upgrade the SDK to the latest version, OR
    2) Remove the entitlement check: Select Edit > Project Settings > Player. In the PlayerSettings window, select the Android icon and expand the Other Settings tab. In the Scripting Define Symbols field, remove USE_ENTITLEMENT_CHECK if present.

"You do not have permission to access the Mobile VR Jam signing tool" error when attempting to access the global signing tool.

  • Issue: We attempted to grant permissions to all Oculus ID's declared at M1, though some failed due to a variety of reasons (typos, etc).
  • Try this: contact immediately and provide the email address associated with your Oculus account, and we will manually grant permissions.

For reference, this is the best way to test “side-loading” like a judge or the community:

  1. Upload and sign your build without any Osig files in the assets folder
  2. Add the build link to the “Website URL” field in your CP submission form
  3. From your Note 4, remove old versions of your build, and then go to your submission page, and click the “Try it out” link
  4. Download and install the build to the phone
  5. Run the build, and insert into the Gear VR when prompted
  6. Play experience

And in case you missed it, additional tips for your final submission were sent out yesterday. Read carefully to give your submission the best chance for success!

Good luck all - we hope this helps as you finish out the Jam. We're in this with you till the end,
VR Jam Moderators