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over 8 years ago

Final Deadline Reminder and Updates

We're here with about 40 hours remaining of the Mobile VR Jam. We know you're all tired, though you have much to be proud of.

As you near the finish line, here are a few things to keep in mind:


Final Submission

“Website URL” should link directly to your signed apk - it should look something like this: “”

  • If you have a website, feel free to include it in your description, but reserve the “Website URL” for your direct build link.

Description: the judges will primarily review your video, images, and descriptions for the first round of judging, so please be very specific in your description to ensure we understand what we're seeing. For example:

  • Controls - how is your game, app, or experience controlled? Gaze, touch pad, controller?
  • Mechanics - what can a user or player expect to do or experience in this world; what are the core “gameplay” mechanics?
  • Innovation - what did you try that is new or unique in VR? For example, UI / user cues, multi-user interactions, visual/audio interactions, comfortable locomotion techniques, immersive control methods, or even extending the technology in some way.

Video: We've seen a lot of “teaser trailer” videos at M3 which don't give us a clear picture about how your experience will actually feel in VR. Please make sure to allocate a solid portion of time in your video to show a representative slice of your experience running.


Build Settings

Many of you have been asking about specific settings for your VR Jam build. Here are the most important ones to be able to easily share with judges and the community:

  • LAUNCHER instead of INFO in manifest - the default manifest includes "android.intent.category.LAUNCHER", which allows users to easily find “side-load” your build.
    • The validator tool will tell you to use "android.intent.category.INFO", but for the VR Jam, you should ignore this error.
  • Remove Osig - we recommend removing all Osig files from your assets folder before submitting it for global signing. This will allow you to test it like your judges will.
  • Don't enable entitlement check - if others are having trouble accessing your build, check the following:
    • Select Edit > Project Settings > Player.
    • In the PlayerSettings window, select the Android icon and expand the Other Settings tab.
    • In the Scripting Define Symbols field, remove USE_ENTITLEMENT_CHECK if present.

In general, your builds don't need to be “distribution ready” ready for the store, and as long as it runs when tested as described below, you'll still qualify.


Testing “side-loading” like a Judge (or the community)

To verify the judge flow works, follow these steps:

  1. Upload and sign your build without any Osig files in the assets folder
  2. Add the build link to the “Website URL” field in your CP submission form
  3. From your Note 4, go to your submission page, and click the “Try it out” link
  4. Download and install the build to the phone
  5. Run the build, and insert into Gear VR when prompted
  6. Play experience

Good luck to you all in the final hours - we believe in you!

<3 <3
VR Jam Moderators