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over 8 years ago

Welcome to the final week!

We're entering Milestone 4 with 415 incredible teams still going strong! Congratulations to all who have made it so far - the videos look incredible, and we're all blown away by your ideas and execution. Thank you for dedicating so much time to these projects; you're all playing a huge part in moving VR forward by leaps and bounds in a short amount of time.

Now let's make it to the finish line...


Finalize your submission page

Final cut-off for the Mobile VR Jam competition is May 11 9:00 AM PT - keep an eye on the clock, and get your build link added in time.

The judges will primarily be reviewing your video, images, and descriptions for the first round of judging, so update your submission page to ensure the following is clear:

  • Controls - how is your game, app, or experience controlled? Gaze, touch pad, controller? Be specific so we understand by reading and watching!
  • Mechanics - what can a user or player expect to do or experience in this world; what are the core “gameplay” mechanics?
  • Innovation - what did you try that is new or unique in VR? For example, UI / user cues, multi-user interactions, visual/audio interactions, comfortable locomotion techniques, immersive control methods, or even extending the technology in some way.

You're welcome to update your submission's Name, Description, Video, Images, and Website URL as many times as you like between now and the final deadline. Moderators have to re-approve your submission after each update, so it's normal for there to be a delay before it's back up and visible in the gallery.


Build signing

As you prepare your final APK, a few notes about the global signing tool:

  • You may submit multiple iterations of your build, and we'll provide a unique link with each upload. Remember to update your CP submission “Website URL” for us to see your latest.
  • Add your build link under “Website URL” in the CP submission form. This will appear as a “Try it out” link on your public page.
  • Test your build even after the signing, or enlist the community to do so.
  • For those who attempted to add a build link to CP before yesterday, there was a bug that blocked adding the link to the form. Please re-sign your build and use the new URL provided in email.


HW hubs for testing

We encountered challenges with legal and safety concerns for physical HW hubs, and we are sorry for the delay in this information. We were able to get a few cities equipped with hardware for you to test your builds, so to access it please PM the contact listed below via the Oculus forums to arrange a time and place.

  • St. Louis, MO - blindmansayswat
  • Chicago, IL - CubicleNinjas
  • San Francisco, CA - danielleswank
  • Los Angeles, CA - artbywaqas
  • Tampa, FL - Pearacidic
  • Toronto, Ontario - jennie
  • Montreal, Québec - matgillam
  • Victoria, BC - chris.tihor
  • Sydney, AU - adventurejeff
  • Paris, FR - kominaaa
  • Hague, Netherlands - Yorick

We'll update this post if we are able to confirm any additional locations over the next few days.


Final Live Q&A tomorrow

Do you have lingering questions, tech issues, or want to share stories about your sleep-deprived efforts? We'll be live with technical team members and VR Jam moderators for one last round tomorrow, 5/7, from 3-6pm PT in an Oculus subreddit pinned post.

Good luck to you all - you are so close to done!
VR Jam Moderators