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almost 9 years ago

Milestone 3 Reminder

Hello hard-working VR Jammers ! You're almost through your 3rd week of the Mobile VR Jam. Keep going - you can make it!

Don't forget that your videos are due Mon by 9:00 am PT, and as many of your fallen comrades can confirm, we hold firm to these dates. It's heartbreaking to lose great people and ideas from this competition, but we have to be fair to the hundreds of others who worked hard to meet the deadline on time.

As we mentioned earlier in the week, the “global signing tool” is live, so when you're ready to share a build, the process looks like this:

1) Upload your build here:
2) We sign it and host it on our server.
3) We send you a direct link to your build in your email.
4) You post this URL in the ChallengePost form under "Website URL".
5) The community clicks this “Try it out” link on your ChallengePost page to download it.

One additional perk of globally signing a build is that you can enlist the community as early testers! We created this thread in the forums in case you want to encourage others with a Gear VR to try out a build iteration.

Happy Jamming - may the force (of coffee) be with you.

VR Jam Moderators