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over 8 years ago

Milestone 3 Update

You've all been doing an incredible job bringing your ideas to VR; the screenshots we've seen this week look awesome. Onward to Milestone 3!


Milestone 3 deadline is 5/4 9:00 am PT, which includes a video of footage from your running build, specifically:

  • One video of up to 5 minutes linked from Youtube or Vimeo
  • You're welcome to capture footage simulated in-engine (on your computer) instead of running in VR. 
  • As you upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo, please remember to modify the privacy settings to allow anyone to view it. We've already seen some submissions with privacy errors that prevent us from viewing the video.
  • Added flavor or context is ok (i.e. akin to a “gameplay trailer”), as long as the video is still representative of the actual experience we can expect to see in VR.


Global Signing Tool

Builds are not required until Milestone 4, but for those who are ready to share their APK, the global signing tool is now live! Here's how it works:

  • Go to
  • Sign into your Oculus account with the ID you provided at Milestone 1 (if you aren't already signed in)
  • Upload your APK and wait for confirmation
  • Find your build link in the confirmation email
  • Test your build!
  • Post your link in the ChallengePost submission form under "Website URL" to share with others as your "Try it out" link.


Editing your Submission

Remember to edit your submission instead of creating a new submission for each milestone. It's also ok to take down old concepts or planning images as you like; we've reviewed this content, and it is not required to include it in the final milestones.

Finally, in case you have any lingering questions, technical or otherwise, we're hosting another Live FAQ on the Oculus subreddit this Thursday from 3-6 pm PT.

Best of luck to you all as you get your content built and videos ready!