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over 8 years ago

EchoSign and Live FAQ

Hello VR Jammers!

We've seen a fair number of questions about e-signing your Terms. Here are the common issues and how to address them:

1) I never received the terms to sign. Common issues:

  • Your entry was submitted after the M1 deadline and does not qualify.
  • Your email used in ChallengePost is old/inactive - please check your ChallengePost profile to verify that you are checking the correct email. If you cannot access this email account any more, please update in CP, and send a message through ChallengePost to the moderators to note the change.
  • Your email is filtering out the message from - please search your folders/tabs for a message title including “Please sign Mobile VR Jam Terms and Conditions”.

2) I received the terms, but others on my team did not. Common issues:

  • You submitted as an “Organization” and only one person authorized to legally bind the organization is required to sign.
  • You added people to your team after the M1 deadline - these people will not be eligible to win prizes and will not receive the Terms to sign.
  • Your teammates email is not functioning correctly - please see section (1) above.

3) The EchoSign form was not submitted correctly. Common issues:

  • Full Name or Organization were left as the default values - please reply to the email from EchoSign and request we send a new form.

If none of these fit what you are seeing, please contact the moderators through a message on ChallengePost or by replying to the email from EchoSign (if you can find it).


Three additional reminders for this week:

  • Live Q&A again this Thursday 4/23 from 3-6 PM PT on the Oculus subreddit. Like last week, we'll have people on-hand to answer rules and tech questions.
  • E-sign your Terms by Friday 4/24 11:59 PM PT.
  • Milestone 2 Deadline is 4/27 at 8:59 AM PT. Update your submission form, and be sure to include screenshots of your game, app, or experience.