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over 8 years ago

Milestone 2 Update

What a fantastic turn-out! With over 500 Milestone 1 submissions, it's incredibly energizing to see the community come together to try out their latest ideas for mobile VR.

Here's a summary of what's next this week:

  • E-sign your Terms! These were sent out to your ChallengePost email addresses Monday afternoon. The sooner you sign the better, so we can get your entries published to the gallery, and after that (if eligible) send your Unity Asset Store credit. The final deadline for e-signatures is this Friday 4/24 by 11:59 PM PT.
  • Milestone 2 Deadline is 4/27 at 8:59 AM PT. Update your submission form, and be sure to include screenshots of your game, app, or experience.
  • Live Q&A again this Thursday 4/23 from 3-6 PM PT on the Oculus subreddit. Like last week, we'll have people on-hand to answer rules and tech questions.