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over 8 years ago

Milestone 1 Reminder

Hello VR Jammers! We've seen some exciting ideas so far. Thank you all for pouring your imaginations into this competition. We can't wait to share these entries next week with the community; after we finish collecting e-signatures, they will go live in the “Gallery” here on the ChallengePost site (around 4/24 - 4/25).

Don't forget that to continue to qualify, your Milestone 1 materials have to be submitted before Monday 4/20 by 9AM PT. As you do so, please select “Submit for Review” and not just “Save as Draft” when you're ready. We can't review and accept your entry until you officially submit.

The Terms and Conditions to e-sign will be sent out Monday after the Milestone 1 deadline, so keep an eye on your inbox. If you don't complete this form within 4 days, your submission will be disqualified.

Good luck, have fun! If you get stuck, reach out to us on the forums or reddit Q&A thread.