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over 8 years ago

Live Q&A's and Local HW Hubs

Live Q&A's

[Edit] Here's this week's Q&A direct linkWe'll continue to check this thread periodically for new questions before next Thursday's Live Q&A time.

Tomorrow, April 16 from 3-6 pm PT will be the first of 4 weekly live Q&A's where our Mobile VR Jam organizer, Oculus_Erisana, will answer all your VR Jam questions in a pinned post on the Oculus subreddit! We'll have additional technical experts and other contest moderators on hand from Oculus, so feel free to ask about rules, goals, technical challenges, and more. Between each Live Q&A, we'll continue to regularly monitor this thread during the Mobile VR Jam to address any additional questions you may have during each weekly Milestone. 

Local Hardware Hubs

Oculus is looking for host organizations in 10-15 cities to provide a hardware hub for developers in their VR community. We will send a Gear VR kit to each hub, provided host organizations are willing to make the hardware available to Mobile VR Jammers for the duration of the competition.

The current list of cities that have a confirmed host are:

  • USA: -SF -LA -NYC -St. Louis -Chicago -Tampa

  • Canada: -Toronto -Victoria -Montreal

  • Netherlands: -Hague

  • France: -Paris

  • UK: -London

  • Japan: -Tokyo

  • South Korea: -Seoul

  • Sweden: -Stockholm

 If you want to see your city included on this list, and your organization is willing to host a Gear VR for your community, please message the moderators of the competition.