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over 8 years ago

The Mobile VR Jam Begins!

Prepare to Submit Milestone 1

After taking time to think about ideas, it's now time to pick one (or a few) to take to the next phase. The submission form is available here, and your first milestone deadline is Monday April 20 at 9:00 am (PT), including:

  • Initial description of your project
  • 1 or more images that show concepts or planning
  • Entrant type selection: Organization, Team, or Individual
  • Track selection: “Game” or “App or Experience”
  • Game Engine selection: Unity, Unreal, or Other/Undecided
  • If entering as a Team, enter all team members' ChallengePost ID's
  • Oculus account email address required for each person

Following Milestone 1 deadline, we will email the terms of the competition to each individual, organization, or each person on a team. Be ready to electronically sign and return the terms within 4 days, or your entry will be disqualified!


Unity Versions and Gear VR

For the purpose of this Mobile VR Jam, your most-stable option for Unity's game engine is version 4.6.3p3 or higher. Unity and Oculus are actively working to resolve instability and performance issues in 5.x. At this point, we recommend jamming on 4.x for a fast and reliable Gear VR experience.


Translated Rules 

If you prefer reading in Korean or German, we now have 25+ delightful pages of contest terms and conditions ready for your consumption. 이용 약관 |Allgemeine Teilnahmebedingungen


Good luck, have fun! We can’t wait to see what you’ve imagined.