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almost 9 years ago

Mobile VR Jam Starter Kit

Welcome the the Mobile VR Jam 2015! We hope you'll have a blast making great games and applications while exploring the boundaries of VR.

To get started, here are some links to help you ramp up quickly...

Essentials from Oculus
Download the software development kit and get a test build running on a Gear VR:

Game Engines and Assets
Using an existing game engine can speed development of rendered games or experiences - here are a couple of options:

  • Unity Engine - Unity Free and Unity Pro available.  Note that version 4.6.3p3 is currently the most-stable option for working with Gear VR; Unity and Oculus continue to collaborate to resolve bugs and performance challenges with version 5.x.
  • Unity Asset Store - purchasable art, fx, audio, etc. with a $50 store credit for eligible entrants - see FAQ for details.
  • Unreal Engine - free with all features; a 5% royalty of game sales applies.
  • Unreal Marketplace - purchasable art, fx, audio, etc.

Oculus Help and Forums

Co-working tools

Working remotely with your team can be challenging, but tools can simplify the sharing of builds and tracking tasks:

And finally, in case you missed it, we recently added new “Community's Choice” prizes! We’ve also updated the submission requirements and the length of time your software will be made available to the public in the contest terms and conditions. Check them out for full details.