NeoS: The Universe

Experience the world we live in from tiniest elementary particles to the vast galaxy superclusters.

WINNER: Bronze Apps or Experiences

Universe... is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly hugely mindbogglingly big it is… But in this experience we’re going to show you anyway and you know why? Because there’s something even greater than the sum all of the matter, energy and space in existence: Human curiosity.

Thanks our imagination in tow with our logical thinking and powers of abstraction we are capable of grasping the enormous space around us. And with power of virtual reality the whole world is within the reach of your fingertips, all you need is your own curiosity to reach for it.

The application offers an epic narrative experience that walks you through forty magnitudes of scale within a few minutes, showing you marvels of the universe and the human journey through it, but also lets you explore on your own, smoothly sliding between different scales and exploring all the interesting content using the touchpad on your GearVR. And be careful where you look at, you might get a surprise!

NeoS: The Universe is a subproject of of NeoS VR (formerly World of Comenius), an educational experience showcasing the power of VR for education and scientific communication, as well as a technical demo, demonstrating what kind of content you will be able to build in NeoS VR yourself.

Created by Tomas "Frooxius" Mariancik, author of SightLine (The Chair) and World of Comenius, this demo is also a technical showcase, pushing the limits of mobile VR to show you variety of structures that breathe with life using custom tailored shaders and even sneakily employing lightfields - how else would we show complex structures that require hundreds of thousands of polygons to represent on your mobile phone?

Get ready to experience the universe at unprecedented scale and get your mind blown.

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Note: GearVR with Android 5.0 is recommended, since previous versions unfortunately handles some custom shaders differently and renders some parts incorrectly (mainly the nebulae, which should have a "3D" effect, but are instead improperly distorted on Android 4.4.x). There was unfortunately not enough time to find the source of the issue.

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