Project Elysium

A personalized VR Afterlife experience reuniting people with loved ones who have passed.

Quick question, What if I told you that I built a small stand alone room in a warehouse. Also that room has a window to see into the room and if you look through that window, you can see a deceased loved one who is not in our world anymore, standing in there, in that very room as alive as they once were.

But there is also a door next to that window and I then hand you the key..... Would you go in there? What would you do? Would you open the door? Project Elysium builds those rooms.... in virtual reality. The first, virtual sanctuary. A service where we work with clients to create 3D models of their deceased loved ones. Giving them the opportunity to see them once more in a custom made virtual environment allowing them to spend time together. A therapeutic experience aimed to help the people left behind deal with and work through their grief. Our team, myself and my partner Steve grew up together as best friends, and our dad's were also close friends. Both of our dad's have passed away and we've shared our grief through this together. This is where Project Elysium has grown from.
Steve has been in the 3D video game development industry for 9 years working various roles within AAA companies producing AAA games released across major consoles and platforms of the time. He is currently working full time as lead environment artist for another game company. We opened our own Game Development Studio,Paranormal Games in mid 2013. Up to present we have released 3 titles as a two man team working on them part time while holding full time jobs. Project Elysium's firm has three services that we aim to offer in our current model, the main service side, clients working with a consultant to build an Elysium Project of their deceased loved one. The other service is creating an Elysium Project for a living client to leave behind for their loved ones. The third is a mass market experience where we would build a specific Elysium project of say for example Elvis in one of his films and release these projects to the public for them to experience. The prototype that we are building is an experience where you take the role of a spectator. You get to see an example simulation of how the experience and interaction for a client and their deceased loved one would work. This is the best way to communicate what we are creating here as a potential service.

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