Soundscape VR

Create electronic music, alone or with randomly selected people from all over the world!

WINNER: Silver Apps or Experiences


Soundscape VR lets you create electronic music in a futuristic environment.
On huge screens you can add musical notes, change effects and influence the characteristics of one of three instruments.
You can choose to do this alone or jam along with 2 other randomly selected people.

Soundscape is meant to enjoy playing with music and jam along.
The notes are based on a pentatonic scale which means whatever notes are selected it will always sound good (well most of the times :-)
There is a handy tutorial mode for people who start the experience for the first time.

- Add notes to create a nice melody
- Adjust 2 waveforms to create an unique synth sound
- Adjust 4 effects (reverb, delay, cutoff and custom effect)
- Add drumcomputer samples for groovy beats
- (un)mute drumcomputer channels
- Adjust 3 effects (reverb, delay, cutoff)
Tone RPG
- Add notes to create deep continous synths
- Adjust 2 waveforms to create an unique synth sound
- Adjust 4 effects (reverb, delay, cutoff and custom effect)

When you start the "Jam together" mode you will be automatically connected to a jam which has a free position.
A jam can have 3 players in total. When there is no free position available, a new jam will be automatically created.

- The amount of 'birds' in the air, depends on the amount of notes on the Tonematrix
- Global lighting will react on the drum sample of the Drumcomputer
- Realtime generated waveforms of the Tone RPG will appear on the huge screens at the back

Easteregg hint
Stop gazing the birds...


Seated experience using gaze and side touchpad of the Gear VR
(Unfortunately couldn't test with controller...)


- 3d crosshair which is always the same scale and animates when user hovers a clickable menu item
- large recognizable images + texts
- comfortable desk + screen view
Multi-user interactions
- changes in an instrument (not the effects) will be directly visible and hearable for other player
- vr chat via 8 pre selected emo texts which can be send to other players
- Realtime audio processing on Gear VR via custom written mobile optimized audio library (bpm, samplerate, blocksize, object pooling, etc...)
- presence via virtual characters
- sense of scale via futuristic environment

Future plans

- binaural audio :P
- vr voice chat
- multiple patterns per instrument
- bpm / volume controls
- save / share jam
- invite (Facebook) friends

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