A VR music experience


Polydome is a music experience. It’s a crossover between a music app, and a audio experience in VR. But most of all it’s a simple and beautiful piece of entertainment.

Most music experiences we’ve tried fall short on finding the right balance between simplicity and possibilities. It’s either too simple to create something that sounds inspiring, or too complex to understand. We have tried to find that balance with Polydome.


At the core we have built an audio engine that runs something similar to a polyphonic step sequencer. This keeps track of objects and schedule when they should play. As the experience unfolds, processing power is consumed by more objects and layers being added, so we need to do real time rendering, to be able to handle new instances added to the sequencer. This marks the end of one level and the beginning of the next, but should go unnoticed by the player.

To interact with the music objects we explore various methods. Gaze, tap, mic input, to name a few.

Needless to say, Polydome is best experienced with a nice pair of headphones.

Milestone 3 update

We have done a rebuild of the entire app. New features that will be implemented are among others:

  • Multiple levels
  • Different Gem types
  • Recording Gems, use your voice to record your gem sample
  • Wind gems, blow into the mic to start spinning the gems.
  • Loop gems, start a sequence of sounds within the main pattern.

Really looking forward to get this out to the world!


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