Mecha Tower

The most immersive tower defense game featuring interactive virtual reality.

Mecha Tower is a tower defense game with two outstanding unique features: 1) It supports Virtual Reality allowing the player to observe the game board from different perspectives from above the board. 2) It features a special tower unit - the Mecha Tower (a stationary mountable turret) that can be entered by the player and manually used to shoot at enemy units (the camera changes to a first person perspective).

  • The game has a cosmic / science fictional setting, the design is inspired by Disney’s® Tron style.
  • The game starts with an empty board in space with square tiles.
  • Aside from the Mecha Tower the gameplay is familiar: A Black Hole marks the start point for the enemy waves, the player must place towers strategically along the wave’s path to destroy the enemies before they reach their destination - your base.
  • Each tower has 3 attributes (fire rate, strength and areal damage), while each enemy type has also 3 different attributes (health point, speed and quantity).
  • A sonar tower can be placed to slow down enemies passing the sonar wave.

Milestone 2 Update:

  • Created a scene in which creeps start from a specific point and follow a path to the finish line
  • Map reads the information from a custom file which can later be used for a level editor
  • Camera setup to switch between camera positions
  • First creep and tower models created

Milestone 3 Update:

  • Design implemented (work in progress)
  • Creeps spawning, following path to player's base
  • Towers (LaserBeam and Mecha Tower) can be placed
  • Towers shoot at creeps
  • Towers can be upgraded
  • Mecha Tower can now be entered
  • Player can swap between 4 different camera positions
  • Models + Design creation completed

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