A mind-bending cinematic platformer with dimension-altering puzzle mechanics and innovative VR gameplay

WINNER: Bronze Games


Our game tells the story of Dr. Hoffman, a brilliant chemist who, as a result of a breakthrough discovery - accidentally synthesizes a compound which activates latent receptors within the human brain. Eventually, this discovery allows him access to a mysterious alien realm, in which he finds that a superior race of beings has been observing and shaping the course of humanity since it's very beginning. Join Dr. Hoffman as he unravels the true nature of reality, and help him reveal the secrets of this strange new hidden dimension.

PhaseShift is a 2.5D Cinematic platformer action/adventure featuring unique stylized 3D retro pixel art and unique 'VR-only mechanics'.

One such VR mechanic is the Interdimensional Lens that allows players to see multiple parallel overlapping dimensions using an innovative 'looking-glass' feature. This lens lets players observe, manipulate, and interact with their environment in a brand-new way. Discover an alien realm while simulatenously visiting Ancient Egypt.

Using the 'Lens' and other mind-bending technologies from parallel dimensions will expose Dr. Hoffman to adventures that transcend both time and space while exploring a variety of interesting puzzle mechanics and unique 'made-for-VR' gameplay

Gamepad required.

Built with

  • maya-2015
  • photoshop-cc
  • fl-studio
  • unity

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