Ramble: Venice

Discover Venice in bite-sized travel adventures.

What is Ramble?

There is a magic in visiting new places. Walking unknown ground, and learning stories of far off lands, allows us to see the world through fresh eyes. Our goal with Ramble is let people feel the delight and discovery of travel in VR through bite-sized adventures.

Our Mobile VR Jam project focuses on Venice, the 'City of Masks'.

What are the controls and gameplay mechanics?

The goal of each ramble topic is to mine the interesting stats, stories, and creative so a user only sees the best pieces, quickly. There is no scoring system or win state.

Users can control what content they consume via look-based interactions. By looking at an object for 2- seconds it will come to life or bring other elements to life. If they don't like any content they can simply avoid a prolonged gaze. Movies, stats, audio, 3d content - many types of content appear at a user's whim.

Users are able to move vertically and horizontally around an object via the Gear VR touch pad. This "orbiting" is comfortable and fun, while providing a simple way to navigate.

To move to a new topic/place/person in Venice users can simply look at the Ramble logo. When looked at for 3 seconds they move forward.

In the full app we would like to randomly select the next topic, but for the purposes of the Mobile VR Jam we have scripted the path to provide a nice contrasted mix.

How is it innovative?

1. Simple Interactivity.

We worked really hard to make a fun navigation, which was easy to use, without getting newcomers sick. The fun navigation can empower the user to explore history and geography in a fresh way.

2. Truly Mixed Media.

We've blended a range of media to provide a recognizable visual impact that scales nicely to mobile. Users can stumble from 180 degree video, to an audio play, to an infographic series, and all with a faithful narrator guide, all in the same topic.

3. Story-driven Content.

To be honest, there isn't much in terms of stories in VR. Our hope is to use the technology to tell the tales of a beautiful city, its heroic wins, and painful defeats, in a way that makes a user as excited as if they visited this place.

——— # Milestone 2 ———

For Milestone 2 we have all of the pieces in place! A few highlights include:

  • We decided to focus solely on Venice for the Mobile VR Jam and got the core functionality live.
  • We established the final 3D art style after testing multiple approaches.
  • We prototyped twenty discovery scenes, with many more on the way.
  • We completed our second tour video.
  • We created a special video menu and prototyped UI's.

——— # Milestone 3 ———

For Milestone 3 we're pushing hard in the final stretch! New items include:

  • We finalized the script, the voice actor, and content making the cut.
  • We created look based interactions for audio and imagery.
  • We ditched the old control scheme and menu structure. The new one is better suited for mobile.
  • We went art complete on 60% of content.
  • We changed our name from Ramble VR to Ramble: Venice, because we have more locations to explore if there is interest.
  • We didn't sleep much. :)

Could you share more detail about the interactivity and art style?

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