Step into blueprints, and see your new house or office building with BlueprintVR!

BlueprintVR is an immersive, interactive version of the architectural fly thru that you would see before breaking ground on your house or other building.

You would use BlueprintVR if you are building a house, are an architect, builder, or otherwise involved in construction.

BlueprintVR increases efficiency by allowing you to collaborate with your clients across town, or in another country.

Key Features

BlueprintVR loads optimized blueprint files, and allows you to navigate them as if the space was already built.

Real life architecture can push the need for precision in scale. Our overview mode takes advantage of the IPD and depth cues we are familiar with, but presents it in an easy to use format.

Navigation in BlueprintVR uses a custom intertia to allow you to shift position in the rooms, while also being able to travel across large space without feeling as much motion sickness that default controls provide.

For commercial construction, you can also have the vantage points of children and the disabled, for better ADA compliance.

The panoramas in the demo scenes were taken with a standard smartphone, which will help fuse reality with the virtual while being affordable.

How to use

BlueprintVR works best with a game controller; but, you can see some of the app with just the GearVR headset.

With game controller:

  • A - Select menu item you are looking at
  • Left Joystick
    • In the lobby: move left or right to choose between blueprints
    • In a blueprint: walk around the scene
  • B - Exit the menu, scene, or app

With GearVR:

  • Tap - Select menu item you are looking at
  • Swipe Left/Right
    • In the lobby: move left or right to choose between blueprints
  • Back button - Exit the menu, scene, or app

Technical Stuff

For those who like to know, we are using the native, raw power, of the Oculus SDK to provide the best performance possible in the GearVR.

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