Take a brand new look at optical illusions.

Experience 1ST PERSON TRIPPER: VIRTUAL SURREALITY and see for yourself what optical illusions can do inside the GearVR.


Wander around, into, and through all types of optical illusions. The old 2D classics and new mind expanding 3D illusions.

If you thought optical illusions were trippy in real life, wait until you have experienced: 1ST PERSON TRIPPER: VIRTUAL SURREALITY.

Be the first to message me telling where you found the 'Liar' illusion Easter egg and get yourself turned into an optical illusion and put into the next update. *(Some restrictions may apply:)


  • GamePad Controller
  • Swivel Chair


  • Use the GamePad to explore the 'space'.
  • As you walk up to each optical illusion, listen for the 3D audio sweet spot. You know you're standing in the right place to get the best effect.
  • Strafing back and forth in front of the 3D illusions, while in the 3D audio sweet spot, is your top priority in there!


  • Using optical illusions inside VR: motion aftereffect.
  • Audio cues to relate correct positioning inside the GearVR.


  • PHOTO CREDIT - Dan Tabár (dantabar.com) who gave me permission to use the picture of Abrash.
  • isurus - 3D modeling.
  • freeSFX - (freesfx.co.uk) for their great sounds.

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