Death Labyrinth

Death Labyrinth is a 3rd person dungeon crawler for VR which employs fast paced combat and roguelike elements

Death Labyrinth is the final test for Aestral, shinobi of the empire. All initiates must accomplish their own trial dungeon in order to enter first rank or face death upon failure.

*Gamepad is required, starting area shows controller input (move, block, cast, melee, jump/roll, and camera rotation with comfort techniques). Death Labyrinth is a controller based dungeon crawler that uses various elements found traditionally in point-click titles.

*Mechanics are fast paced. Player uses dual wielding weapons that decapitate enemies and can fire ranged attacks with available spell charges. Death is permanent and the dungeon is assembled randomly.

*Innovation in the title is apparent when greeted by a unique tracking system following the player. This displays the first iteration of Death Labyrinth's developing interface and displays the player's Health and Spell charges. The title is also specifically designed with the effects moving into camera space, providing interesting depth cues as heads or sparks fly far into the air.

The title employs a top-down 3rd person action perspective made specifically for Virtual Reality and uses various “roguelite” gameplay elements. The concept is a unique dungeon crawling experience and provides demonstrates an exciting seated mobile Virtual Reality experience.

Milestone 2: Work in Progress- Experimented with stylized looks, worked out some raw animation/combat systems, prepped dungeon generator, ran into some bugs, will spend next week working around issues for conveying the prototype properly. Plan is to iterate further on style/composition, improve combat mechanics, add sounds, and work on the blockout enemies for the upcoming gameplay video.

Milestone 3: Removed blockouts, replaced main character, optimized tilesets, placed spawners, added enemies, implemented decapitation, added sounds, added point light after draw calls optimized, recorded gameplay in editor, fixing critical bugs. Also shifting the story to adjust for the new look composed post-feedback. Next week will be tightening up gameplay, fixing more bugs, and a solid optimization pass.

Gameplay Video:

Intro Scene:

Milestone 4: Optimized draw calls/actors, created damage/ammo system/visuals, prepared APK for VR Jam submission. I have also included many new screenshots to demonstrate the final build.

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