Panorama viewer and editor. Turn 2D panoramas photos into 3D.


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As 2D panorama tools are getting more widespread adoption in phones and consumer devices, true 3D panoramas are still not easily available for normal consumers. This is an app that's both a panorama viewer and an editor. Using easy tools and a clean UI the user can add shapes and objects to provide depth information to any existing panorama photo. While home made depth masks cannot compete with dedicated stereoscopic capturing equipment, it provides an entry level experience for creating your own immersive panoramas.

Start with a normal 2D panorama photo captured with the Google Camera App or any other tool that can create equirectangular panoramas. The post-jam version can load panoramas from external places like Flickr and others, where the photo have been published with a permissive license. Using the app you'll draw polygons and shapes and place those in a 3D world. Those shapes will render a depth image that will be used when viewing the photo to turn it into a stereoscopic panorama. Save the image and share your best creations with friends, family and the world. Post-jam app will be able to upload the depth images online for others to see.

This is a technical demo missing a lot of the features that will be avaliable in the full version later this year.

Note: A gamepad is required to play.

Press the left shoulder button to open a context enabled help menu.

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