Quadcopter Racer

A bluetooth controller is required for this game.

Have you ever wanted to fly a quadcopter?

Quacer lets you fly a quadcopter and race against the clock with a variety of obstacles to overcome. There is a ghost mode so that you can race against your previous attempts.

The flight controller for the quadcopter is based on the real thing, so after playing you'll be able to fly the real thing!

How to play

It drops you straight into the game. Use the left stick to give your quadcopter vertical height. The right stick controls direction. Note that when you hold up on the right stick, it will move in the direction of the two blue rotors. It may take a while to master flight!

Once you've got the hang of it you can land on or interact with the objects that have blue cubes spinning around them in order to do the time trial.

To refer to the controls (and pause the game) push the start button and look left.

Development status

  • Not tested with the samsung controller - only with an Amazon controller.


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