Solve the mystery of your own mind to wake up from the coma!



You wake up in a hospital bed not knowing how you got there. You look around the room to find a patient file on the table that says patient in coma. Shortly after that, you feel that your eyelids become heavier and heavier...
From the darkness you see fading light, you don't know how you got there, but only remember that you are searching for something important. You follow the light and find yourself inside an abandoned house, that looks exactly like the one from your childhood, yet some things are oddly different...
Will you find the keys to your mind in your childhood memories?

Game Features

  • Explore surreal, horror house
  • Solve puzzles and find keys that will allow you to find your way out
  • Interact with objects using your eyesight/gaze


Game can be controlled by built-in touchpad or bluetooth gamepad.

    To Walk:

  • Hold the touch pad and look in the direction that you want to go or
  • Use analog sticks from the bluetooth gamepad
  • To interact with objects/pick them up:

  • Look at an object and tap the touchpad or
  • Press the '.' button on the gamepad (while looking at an object)
  • To drop an object:

  • Look down and tap the touchpad or
  • Press the '..' button on the gamepad
  • To move an object look at it and:

  • Hold the touchpad and turn your head
  • Hold the '.' button on the gamepad and turn your head

Some objects can be moved in selected axis (for example heavy weardrobe along the wall). Objects that can be moved are indicated to the player by special crosshair icons (an arrow) that appear when player looks at an object from close range.


The game is a blend of horror, exploration and point-and-click adventure. You will experience ghosts, twisted corridors, rooms that are upside down, creepy creatures and other weird things.
The aim of the game is to get out of the house and ultimately wake up from the coma. To do that, the player needs to find all the missing pieces of his memory.


  • Player cues are displayed in the form of main character thougths floating in front of the player
  • Crosshair icon changes based on the context, showing what kind of interaction is possible with the particular item the player is looking at
  • Objects can be moved in selected axis with eyesight/gaze

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