the Future of VR

an interactive documentary about VR

FoVR - the Future of Virtual Reality Interactive Documentary

Surrounded by a round bench you get the unique chance to listen to some of the leading minds when it comes to Virtual Reality. Shot at the FMX-Conference in Stuttgart (5th.-8th of May 2015), Mark Bolas, John Root, Ken Perlin and others are giving you insights as they are seeing the Future of VR. Enter an interactive time-capsule that takes you through the history of the technology as well as opening a discussion about the future of VR in a mix of Speech and Surrealism. This Cinematic-VR Experience is best suited for consuming on a comfortable swivel chair in which you can turn around, to explore a special 360° Esher-like space while listening to different speakers. With the integration of spatial audio and a look-at-and-choose interactive level, you control who you listen to and for how long.

Built with

  • unity
  • after-effects
  • final-cut-pro

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