Enjoy a meditative VR journey across a system of musical planets.


After completing Volotic and working on a planet-themed VR project with David Lobser, I began to imagine a set of musical planets with different visual and aural themes that could be explored in virtual reality. My earliest visions of the experience involved generative landscapes and audio, but time constraints led to a limited set of prebuilt assets and songs.


Navigation in SoundScape is completely gaze-based. Looking left or right will cause you to fly in that direction. Looking up or down will cause you to fly up or down within a limited range. Aside from meditative exploration, there are no other goals or mechanics in SoundScape. Flying through any of the round portals will teleport you to another landscape.


SoundScape was authored in Unity 5 using the Oculus Mobile SDK. 3D assets were created in Cinema 4D R16. Music was composed in Apple GarageBand with some editing in Adobe Audition. Textures and other graphical assets were created with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Milestone videos were assembled and edited in Adobe After Effects.

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