StarTracker VR

Best VR StarGazing experience to Explore the Universe! Planetarium for astronomy fans!

Best Star Gazing experience for Gear VR!

It's a mobile planetarium in VR which is designed for astronomy fans to explore the universe.

StarTracker VR shows a unique VR experience which you have never experienced before, we call this enhanced VR.

Normal VR just maps reallife 3D environments into VR world. Yes, you can experience the place you have never been there before, but we go forward to show enhanced VR environment. We map 3D Star Field into a sphere surface, and then look from outside into the shpere ball. You can image all near objects that will move much faster than a normal 3D mapping, finally this will give you an enhanced VR experience which is super awsome. You must try it on Gear VR to feel it.


  • Sun, Moon, Planets in Solar System and 8000+ stars visible to the naked eyes.
  • 88 Constellations & 100+ deep sky objects with magnificent graphics.
  • Location auto set by GPS.
  • Highlight mode.
  • All data is offline.


  • Swipe left/right to switch among 3 modes:
    • Full mode: constellation highlight, star & messier information box
    • Star mode: highlight and show information box for stars and messier objects only. No constellation highlight makes the star field looks more clear.
    • Search mode: arrow guide to sun/moon and all solar system planets
  • Double touch to zoom into current highlighted objects, which is showup with green info box (if multiple object is highlighed with info box, the first one count). Double touch again to zoom out.


  • Moving head around to navigate the star field which is full of splendid stars, constellations with art, deep sky objects and planets.
  • Constellation will be highlighted and pop up.
  • Famous stars and messiers objects will be highlighted with info box.


  • Shows unique enhanced VR experience. Mapping 3D star field into a sphere surface. Then look from outside into the sphere ball. You can image all near objects will move much faster than a normal 3D mapping, finally this will give you an enhanced VR experience which is super awsome.
  • Automatic highlight center objects which will pop up with amazing animation.
  • Show information box for famous star and messier objects. Iron Man UI animated feeling.

Please Note that the virtual sky is all real sky objects according to your location and time, but the direction is not calibrated with real stars, since you are inside Gear VR, it's no matter for the direction, just enjoy the immersive VR experience!

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