Two players must communicate through time to solve puzzles before the future player runs out of oxygen.

Dsync is an immersive two player co-op puzzle game. The game is set in a space station where time teleportation experiments are conducted. After repairing a damaged teleporter, one player is transported to a time long after the space station had been abandoned.

After transporting to the future, the teleporter breaks. With one player stuck in the present and the other stuck in the future, they must communicate across time to guide each other through the station to reach an alternate teleporter.

Navigating through the station isn’t easy though. Time has taken its toll on the facility and has created many unexpected challenges. Will you be able to re-sync before the oxygen runs out?


  • Look - Use the Gear VR HMD to explore the Space Station
  • Move - Use the Gamepad to navigate
  • Input - Use Button 1 to interact with objects(pick up /drop items, open crates, interact with screens/keyboards)
  • Communicate - Hold Button 2 to communicate with your teammate
  • Exit - Press Start button to exit the game


  • Immersive two player co-op puzzle experience
    Two players must be loaded to progress through the game (one host and one client)

  • Unique multiplayer lobby design built into environment
    Enter player names and press enter on in-game keyboard Pick the appropriate door (Host/Join) anmd use the panel on the wall next to either door to begin (press "Refresh List" if Host lobby does not appear on Lobby panel)

  • Players use the Note 4 microphone to commuinicate across time Press and hold Button 2 to communicate with your teammate

  • Use interactive objects to complete puzzles Some items are interactive , most will be necassary for completing puzzles... some will be decoys Interactive objects will glow when looking at them, this means they can be picked up and dropped with Button 1

  • Upon completing the first puzzle, each player will be in a different environment set in either the present or future Players must communicate effectively about the differences in their environments (present/future) in order to solve puzzles Let your teammate know what you see so you can solve whatever puzzle is blocking you from progressing to the next room.


  • Fully networked multiplayer experience
  • Players use a unique multiplayer lobby to host and join games
  • Makes use of Note 4 Microphone to allow players to communicate
  • Compact level design creates a sense of immersion, giving players the feeling that they are inside the environment with less inherit motion sickness.


Collin Parker - Project Lead
Taylor West - Level Design and Modeling
TJ Mendoza - QA
Mark Vinten - Music

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