Experience echolocation from the inside


echo takes you inside of a bat out on a night's hunt. In this VR experience, you'll use echolocation to navigate the world around you: manuever through trees on mountainous terrain, explore a labarynth of stalagmite filled caves, and hunt for your night's meal.

For the first time ever, we're one step closer to experiencing how bats and other sonar dependant creatures navigate the world around them. As you step into a new way of sensing your environment, you'll find yourself developing techniques bat's have long since perfected.


  • Fly in the direction you look. Taking advantage of GearVR's mobilility, this experience requires you to stand up and make full rotations to fly where you want. Bat's are some of the most agile flyers out there, and now, so are you.
  • Tap the GearVR TouchPad to produce an echo. This is how you'll see your environment.
  • Swipe the GearVR TouchPad to attempt to catch a moth. You'll either hear a dishearting wiff or a satisfying crunch.

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