A VR version of CNN news and shows.

This is a VR platform for CNN news and shows content, both existing and planned future VR content.

Our focus is on creating an environment that enables a user to consume multiple types of CNN content (photo galleries, 2D video, 360 video, etc) all on a single VR platform with intuitive navigation, an immersive experience, simple queues and a comfortable experience throughout. We’re currently loading the experience with a small subsegment of content, but we plan on expanding it as we refine the experience.

In our experience, you will be located inside the Earth and can see all the continents by looking around and turning your head. Your gaze, plus the tap pad, will be the primary navigation components. There will be different colored markers on the planet’s surface showing the GPS location of individual stories (breaking news will be red, content from shows will be blue, etc). Once you select a location by looking at a marker and tapping the touchpad, the content for that location will be displayed with thumbnails and article content. Here you can browse through the available videos, articles, galleries related to this beacon. CNN also plans to shoot 360 video and photos to accompany the existing 2d content.

Milestone 3

Updated now with in app video, I was able to place the OVR rig inside a sphere and use a custom shader to render the earth texture on the inside rather than on the outside. I have streaming video working on the device, but in the video shown it is not rendered because I did the recording in Unity editor.
I had zero luck using the adb screen recorder because of too many dropped frames.

Next I plan to display more content from our site in a manner similar to milk vr, but with the ability to read the text of articles, view photo galleries, and play 2d videos for now until we have 360 content available.

Milestone 4

A link to the globally signed APK has been added.

Control is by using your gaze to look around inside the Earth at the blue glowing icons that represent show content. While gazing at the blue glow tap the control pad to zoom in and read more about the location. Further tap on the content will play a video associated with that location.

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