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Notes on Build We have optimized the file size due to errors on global signing tool. This optimized size has one of the environments. with avatar. The walk mode is disabled, we have placed several cubes at the top, on gazing on the cube you will be able to see different angles within the environment. Actual app will have ability to walk in the environment and also invite others to join, plus different UI as outlined in the description below.

Also note that only 2 videos were embedded rather than streaming so we only included 3 secs for demonstration purposes only. Final app will have video streaming for 360 videos, 3D and standard videos and way more videos. To watch video look at the left and right video screens at the base of the main stage.

Ceek Movie

Ceek Movie

CEEK is a fully immersive virtual world that facilitates shared experiences between users. From concerts, to movies, conferences, sporting events, learning spaces, museums and other hangouts. CEEK lets you live the experience virtually!

Ceek Movie

Our innovative use of real photographs, and videos with CG environments creates magical spaces, optimizes file size and performance and heightens the sense of presence.

CEEK features personalized user areas based on user profile (akin to timeline), private and open hangouts with real-time multi-user voice chat and messaging, voice activated interaction, ability to search, discover, locate and join friends in activities. Ceek Movie Ceek Movie

Downloading multiple applications to access content is frustrating and time-consuming. CEEK, enables users to access multiple experiences via just one app. Content within the various venues are uploaded, managed and tracked via our backend. With fresh, new content continually uploaded, users are compelled to frequently explore the virtual world.

Navigation in CEEK is fun and easy, users simply interact with the environment as naturally as they would in the real world. For example when a user pauses to view a poster, they’re asked if they want to watch the trailer, movie or concert, a menu is overlaid that enables them to select their desired content and they’re quickly teleported to the movie studio or concert arena. Ceek Movie

An important regular user function within the environment is where the user stares at their feet, prompting a menu icon to appear and providing multiple choices for selections such as returning home or to a different location.

CEEK venues offer 360 Live Action, 3D movies and standard content all within the fully immersive environments.

The CEEK core application provides user registration, authentication and profile management, including images, videos and voice activated status updates. Our goal is to have photo realistic avatars generated from user photos and scans. Ceek Movie

The application is both Gaze controlled and Voice Activated Interaction including gestures such pointing, waving, as well as smiling, laughing, running, walking and sitting.

Ceek is integrated with Facebook via registration and login, which is also a service proxy, allowing screenshots and videos from within the Virtual world to be posted to Facebook without interrupting the immersive experience. Users can virtually share their trip to Paris, the white house or that bullfight in Spain with their friends on YouTube or Facebook.

The CEEK application tracks real time player state, showing players in the VR world accurately thereby enabling real-time social functions such as Voice Chat, Messaging between users, scheduling to view content together and join others in activities in progress.

Ceek inserts users in a fully immersive VR world from start to finish, including organic integration of branded experiences and signage with environment, which can be targeted based on user interest and activated by user interest. Ceek Movie

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Ceek Movie

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