Maiden Chaos VR

Be the eyes in the sky as you navigate your operative through waves of robotic enemies and target them from above!

WINNER: Bronze Games


“Maiden Chaos VR” is a top-down shooter where you take control of AKI, a half-robotic female operative, as she storms the droid-filled military compound of her enemies.


NOTE: This game requires the Samsung Gamepad bluetooth controller.

  • Use the left analog stick to navigate AKI through the compound and help her avoid enemy fire, while targeting enemies by looking around from above.
  • Fire AKI's weapons in the direction of your reticle by pressing the Gamepad trigger.
  • Enter/Exit tanks by pressing Button 1.


  1. Minimize gameplay induced nausea (aka “puke factor”) - One of our primary goals for this project was to make it a pleasant experience for even the most sensitive players.
  2. Unique perspective - A lot of virtual reality games put the player in a first-person perspective. While this makes a lot of sense given the nature of VR, we wanted to try something different. We wanted it to feel more like you are playing a physical board game that comes to life.
  3. Unique control scheme - Targeting weapons by moving your head is fairly common among first-person VR experiences, but we wanted to explore whether it would be equally effective from a third-person "eye in the sky" perspective.
  4. Unique genre - We wanted to experiment with a game genre (twin-stick shooter) that is not typically attempted in VR.

Note about the video: We were unable to capture audio directly from the Gear VR, so the video is completely silent. Don't let this fool you! The playable version actually has an epic soundtrack and dynamic sound effects.

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