Discovering social networks in VR

About Project

Social networks provide a way to get VR into the hands of common internet users. Social media connects millions of people every day, and VR has the potential to enrich this connection.

Traditional internet services (email, social media, video services) have been tailored to smartphones, and such services cannot be simply ported to VR. But what does VR add to this content? Social VR project seeks to answer this question by tailoring social media to the current generation of VR devices. This requires a new approach to the spatial organization of content, new ways of visualizing data, and new means of interaction using view orientation

VR provides a groundbreaking way to experience photos, play games, and explore social connections. The feeling of presence, of actually being present in a virtual space, makes it possible to structure and locate information in 3 spatial dimensions around the player. We sought to demonstrate this in our project for VR Jam.

For VR Jam we are exploring new interaction patterns and ways of visualizing information in VR. Our progress in these fields will be built into our prototype. Nothing will ever stop users from connecting to social networks and grabbing information we want. Social VR seeks to enhance existing social media experiences, letting users connect in a whole new way.


Interactive items can be selected with gaze and activated by tap or delay.


The project is a VR shell for browsing social content. We placed emphasis on the VR kinds of content like panoramic photo and video, VR apps, games and experiences but usual 2d content available as well.


There is a buzz about how would VR came into life of usual guys, not geeks. Mark Zuckerberg had spoken about nearest future when users will able to make, write and share their own content adapted for the VR. We have a try to expose what it can look like when a man watches 360 clips and photos of friends, walks through virtual galleries and plays exciting games. And all this stuff available in one shell.

Who we are?

VRARlab devotes itself to research and project development based on virtual and augmented reality immersion technologies for advertising.

Virtual reality is a new way of communication. It needs no words, it can directly transmit the sensations. The potential for advertising and entertainment is enormous. For the first time they can become what they have always dreamed to, a fantasy alive. A Space and a feeling.

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