Memory training through exploration

About Project

Antlantis is a legendary city-state that tragically sank to the bottom of the ocean. Legend has it that the inhabitants of Atlantis were the keepers of an unimaginable wealth, treasures that disappeared with the city and all its people.

Our adventurer hero finds the lost world of Atlantis and faces unique puzzles created by its inhabitants protect their treasures. To solved these puzzles, our hero must quickly memorize different combinations of symbols.

Atlantis is a first-person puzzle quest that employs memory-training game mechanics. Each level consists of several puzzle rooms with gradually increasing difficulty.

For VR Jam, we will show 3 levels of Atlantis. Each level will feature a different game mechanic, but all 3 levels focus on improving memory. We will collaborate with cognitive neuroscientists specializing in VR to help us develop game mechanics that improve memory and benefit from the immersion of VR.


Controls of the game engage all input methods provided by Samsung Gear:

  • Selecting interactive items by gaze and activating by tap
  • Swipe for rotation of the elements Controls are absolutely adapted for the game tasks and very intuitive for the player.


The player finds himself in the mysterious world of Atlantis presented in futuristic style. Gameplay goes over three areas each of which offers the player to solve puzzle with ancient symbols. Player has to find out what to do with old monument, search for the forgotten symbols and keep an eye on new ones appearing. Solving all tasks will open the path to the surface during the rising on which player will able to watch beautiful underwater landscape.


The main advantage of the Atlantis is combining absorbing gameplay with training of the memory. Thanks to vivid setting of the Atlantis the player would not be bored by monotonous training but make a journey into fairy world. At the end of each stage the player provided with his rating which motivates him to play the game again and again improving his cognitive skills.

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VRARlab devotes itself to research and project development based on virtual and augmented reality immersion technologies for advertising.

Virtual reality is a new way of communication. It needs no words, it can directly transmit the sensations. The potential for advertising and entertainment is enormous. For the first time they can become what they have always dreamed to, a fantasy alive. A Space and a feeling.

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