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Psious is the first online Virtual Reality tool for therapist that democratize Virtual Reality mental care treatments

18% of the population suffer from anxiety related disorders. Many go untreated, many have ineffectual treatments that rely in simple imagination techniques. Imagine how difficult is to imagine your deepest fear. Virtual reality is an effective alternative, it has been used in research and health networks for more than 20 years. But, it was cost prohibitive. Until now, mobile changes everything. Mental health professionals such as psychologists or psychiatrist will benefit from an affordable mobile-based virtual reality solution for exposure therapy.

Psious is the tool that democratizes virtual reality treatments using a regular smartphone. Our solution has two important parts, the virtual reality app and the control panel in the web platform. Both are connected through internet. The virtual reality app runs in a smartphone and requires a 3D goggles that the patient wears. The web platform allows the therapist to control what the patient sees in the smartphone and personalize the treatment according to his or her need. The platform contains a wide range of audiovisual resources such as hyper realistic virtual environments, augmented reality applications and 360 videos. We have also implemented a biofeedback accessory that allows monitoring the stress level of the patient in real time.

We have 100 mental health professionals using the tool all over the world, including Key Opinioin Leaders such as Skip Rizzo, USC; and Joann Diffede, Duke. We are conducting pilots with some of the more important medical institutions like Johns Hopkins Hospital (US), Stanford University(US), University of Chicago (US), Hospital Clinic Barcelona (EUROPE). And we have conducted two studies with scientific results presented in two medical conventions. We are currently developing a self treatment app for treating fear of flying under the request of an Big Airline as a marketing strategy tool. Our team is has a strong scientific, technical and clinical background. Our work is supervised through the advice of an incredible advisory board. We have most of the pieces and skills we need to succeed. Moreover, the KOL in the field are testing our solution in order to become a mainstream solution for anxiety problems.

We are facing a huge opportunity, the time is right and we’ve proven that we have the skills to accomplish it. But the window of opportunity is not long to we have to run to succeed. Our biggest challenge is to be able to keep running and be able to take advantage of all the opportunities that are appearing in the way. Our next big challenge is to prove the final business model and be able to design a marketing strategy to reach the quote of market we need. Moreover, we are going to develope a much powerful version of our tool for Samsung Gear VR so we can offer a PREMIUM version of our product.

For this contest we are presenting our last version of a Freemium Marketing Strategy App. The App allows people challenge their fears in order to make them realize how much a specifyc phobia affects their life.

For this contest (Oculus VR Mobile Jam) we are launching our last version of a Freemium Marketing Strategy App. The App allows people challenge their fears in order to make them realize how much a specific phobia affects their life. With this App people with Claustrophobia will be exposed to an arousal environment that produce an anxious response. If they get very nervous or anxious they can use a relaxation exercise we also provide, to go back to a state of calm. The objective is make people aware of their fears and realize how they affect their lives. We also offer them the possibility of contacting one of our therapists in order to start a real treatment using the professional version of the Psious App, that requires medical supervision.

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