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The purpose of Virtual Reality is not what you think it is


It's the year 2015. Future is present and virtual reality is no longer just a term used in science fiction and action movies. It is subject of current research and a completely new type of entertainment. But Virtual Reality was not developed for entertainment. Its just the trojan horse to get as many people connected as possible. Its main purpose is finding valid pilots for the ongoing fight in the Universe which has been taking place since 2002.

S.T.E.R.N. - an intergalactic military research lab - is utilizing and infiltrating this ongoing evolution on earth. Their researchers are currently testing their newest invention: A consciousness transfer device, used to transmit the minds of organic lifeforms to aviator androids. It was discovered, that actual human pilots still have an advantage over ships controlled by advanced artificial intelligence, because of their unpredictability and intuition.

While in virtual reality S.T.E.R.N. is collecting data about motorical skills and reaction time, selecting the best fitting pilots to serve in the intergalactic war. So give your very best. Maybe you will be chosen.


  • Gamepad is mandatory. We optimized for the Samsung Gamepad (MODEL: EL-GP20).
  • You should wear headphones for a better experience.
  • Swivel Chair for Breakout 360 Tribute Scene makes it way more fun.


Fly around in your spaceship after you are the first earthling who had his consciousness transferred to a place far far away.


We present the proof of concept for an idea to let the players change perspective more easily by giving them the narrative they have to act out (yeah like theater) . For this we have included a simple audio detection, which is able to run fast enough on the mobile device. We detect if the player has said the sentence and progress with the story and logic. We think this could be a nice way to deeper immerse the player into the experience.

To be or not to be. William Shakespeare

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