VR novel with narration and changing environments

Andromedum is a VR novel with narration and changing environments depending on where you are in a story. Book specific locations and environments change according to the page you're on and accompanied by audio book style narration.

Controls - Gaze, touch pad

Mechanics - Interactive virtual book with animated flipping pages. Look around in 360 degrees to experience the world of author's imagination. Narration automatically flips pages. Manual flipping is done either with a tap or a gaze.

Innovation - Revolutionizing the book reading experience. Be immersed in a world right from the novel. Read the book, listen to narration, follow the steps of our hero, Jack Philips, and be a part of his journey.


Jack Philips is running, and he can’t even remember why.

Hunted through the remnants of a world once occupied by ancients who left behind nothing but fractured clues to their world, Jack has almost as little information about his identity. Only a sword too fine for any common soldier and flashes of memory telling him things that would get anyone else in the kingdom executed.

The kingdom itself is a mystery, its king determined to maintain that mystery by any means necessary. Knowledge of the past is horded, the majority of the kingdom reduced to living in a world of swords and horses, kings and petty wars. Around them, steel and glass stand as half-remembered snatches of the past, but for most people they point to truths they will never be permitted to grasp. The technology of the past is hidden, kept for the king and his inner circle.

When Jack meets Henry and Dahlia, a father and daughter dedicated to the preservation of the past, his simple sprint for the edges of the kingdom turns into something more complex. Henry wants to save as much as he can of what came before the kingdom, retaining the lost technology of the ancients. Dahlia simply wants to tear the kingdom down and give that power to everyone.

Ultimately, Jack must decide whether to keep on running, or finally make a stand for the world as it should be. Either way, the hunters are still coming. He might not remember them, but they definitely remember him.

Future plans:

Find/hire actual 3d artists to create immersive environments and animations; Add page selection, bookmarking, position adjustment, kinetic text, etc.; Optimize everything and make transitions seamless during loading; Release full version on Gear Vr;

Thanks you!
-Sergey Brezhnev!

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