SteamCrew VR

Collaborate to steer and maintain your steam submarine! Sink horrid monsters in an abyssal quest for magic Gems!

WINNER: Platinum Game

Collaborate to steer and maintain your steam submarine! Sink horrid monsters in an abyssal quest for magic Gems!


SteamCrew VR is a Steampunk themed, arcade cooperative submarine game focused on giving two players the highest immersion and a maximal amount of opportunities for real-time interactions. Our aim is to offer a strong sense of camaraderie between two physically present players, setting a new level in terms of game presence.

Both must share their informations to pick up Steam Tanks, keeping the submarine afloat and powered. They need to sink guardians to collect their Gems.


SteamCrew VR gets players to be treasure hunters Captain' Karkass and Ida Steele, crew of pirate steam submarine Rocketshrimp.

  • Pilot's seat, is responsible for navigation, steam tanks positions are marked on the Gyro Ring. STEER the ship through gaze while HOLDING on the touchpad. SWIPE FORWARD to ACCELERATE. SWIPE BACKWARD to REVERSE, engine consume steam. Check the submarine's steam level and current consumption. Toggle LIGHTS on/off by TAPPING on the button. Turning it off saves steam. At the gunner's signal, TAP on handles to FIRE torpedoes or rocket.

  • Gunners's seat, is responsible for observation. detects enemy positions by TAPPING on the Sonar's button. AIM and lead targets with the turret through gaze while HOLDING on the touchpad. Shoot the back of enemies to score Critical hits (x2 damage). SWIPE UPWARD to CLIMB. SWIPE DOWNWARD to DIVE. Check the submarine's steam level and current consumption. Use Gyro Ring ring to communicate enemy position to the Pilot.


SteamCrew VR is an experiment on VR social interactions. By separating informations between players, we want to promote communication and cooperation. The game offers short gameplay sessions ranging from 3 to 10 minutes during which players would go through phases of exploration, survival, hunting and combat. Each player have asymmetrical and complementary roles that would still be equally interesting and engaging, with a small number of game rules.


The game is played with the touchpad, it does not require gamepads. A unified control system and world representation ensures players feel aboard the same submarine in both roles. Gaze selection is the natural choice for command selection as it is a very immersive way to interact with objects around.


Discussing during play enhances the feeling of presence; perceptions are reinforced by meaningful interactions in the same universe. Seeing each other moving and performing actions, enhances body awareness. Slow pacing of movement and multiple spatial references (cockpit, Gyro ring and floaters) prevent nausea. Instant coop gaming in VR without hassle in a streamlined game lobby.


We are two full time developers at Agharta Studio, SteamCrew VR is our first project on Unity so there was a learning curve. The game is built exclusively on new game assets that are exclusive to the jam, based on the concept art of our friends at Blackmuffin Studio. No store plugins were used to ensure total control on performances and tweaking. Working live multiplayer in such a short project was a very ambitious feature for us. We went through a constant refocus to keep the project feasible in 4 Weeks. Design and controls changed a lot from our initial aim, we switched from simulation to arcade to be more accessible to new players

The physically based display system we had in mind proved far too complex to make. We decided to add HUD elements and feedback through icons, making events more readable and dynamic.


Entire cockpit redesign allowing players to see each other better and more often.

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